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Throw-Away Economy

The secret to success, or at least until now, has been the ability to create superior products. The recent WSJ article, “A Year in, P&G CEO David Taylor Holds Fast to Company’s Historic Strengths” pointed to the quick ascent of Dollar Shave Club and upstart online service … which stunned an industry that viewed P&G’s Gillette as impenetrable. But David Taylor is unperturbed. “If you have superior performing products and you communicate it well, you tend to win over time.” Observing a new generation prefer IKEA to their parents’ free priceless antiques, a sea change to cheaper “new” products that you throw away can’t be overlooked. I watch the East River barges up to the brim with garbage and think the throw-away economy is unsustainable. But the dollars now seem to be spent on the newest technology rather than the longest lasting razor blade. Besides the skip a day look is in. However if you go on an interview, you can’t lose if you leave the stubble behind.

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