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New Year’s Eve

Every year in the first week in September our Founder, Tony LoPinto, sends out an email wishing his colleagues a, “Happy New Year,” to signal the end of the summer hiring slowdown. Finally everyone is back from vacation, school is in session, events fill the calendars, and hiring commences. However this year, New Year’s Eve is the big news. The summer of 2014 has been unsurpassed for hiring. So, if you have not applied to the jobs on the SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network and have been waiting for summer to end, we urge you not to delay any longer. This summer, confidence returned with development jobs and investment money leading the way. We also anticipate a good Fall hiring season. Frankly good is better than great, because great doesn’t last, but this time hiring started slow and steady and we now see it at all levels in all sectors – a truly healthy hiring picture. Our industry came back cautiously and is doing it right this time, and we hope our candidates do the same. As the old saying goes, “Success does not bring happiness. Happiness brings success.” Hope you are happy in your job – which is the real reason to say, “Happy New Year”.

Susan Phillips, CEO SelectLeaders
September 3, 2014

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