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Land of Opportunity

“The New American Dream is a version of the entrepreneurial journey unlike anything that has ever existed before. The barrier to entry to becoming an entrepreneur is literally the lowest it’s ever been right now. Versus the Old American Dream, “work in a safe job for 30 years,” it has no illusion of safety,” according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Bedros Keuilian in “Why America Is Still the Land of Opportunity.” Step one, is to find a solution to a problem that many people have. You and I are lucky to be in one of the most entrepreneurial industries. Most real estate companies employ 15 people or less, so you have boundless opportunities to make a difference. Versus even five years ago, compare real estate’s new offerings in offices, retail, multi-family, industrial, healthcare, in fact, all sectors, and you will see monuments to creativity in finding solutions to new problems. Just look at the opportunities today on SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Network and enjoy a happy Fourth of July!

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