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Gen Z

Born after 1995, Generation Z has entered the Job Market. Compared to Millennials taught, by Baby Boomer parents, if everyone pitches in everyone wins, these are the children of agnsty Generation X, called “the latchkey generation,” because they grew up amidst the escalation of mothers working and also divorce rates. X taught Z, in the real world you might win and you might lose, 401k’s don’t always grow, jobs often get cut. Gen Z emerged independent, focused, fiercely competitive and willing to fight for a job. Surveyed by the Institute for Corporate Productivity and David Stillman, Gen Z, “the digital pioneers,” is the first generation to never know a world before Wi-Fi was constant. They are private, having parents who drilled into them the dangers of oversharing on the Internet. They prefer their own office to open environments, and would rather work independently than collaborate. They embrace video resumes, wanting to participate in their job description. Companies that celebrate individuality will find Z fits to a T.

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