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Definitive “Real Estate Job Ecosystem” of Roles, Activities and Skillsets Required

The SelectLeaders Real Estate Job Ecosystem serves as a comprehensive model for understanding the structure, activity, and roles within the real estate industry.

Organizing jobs within a three-part matrix by business field, job function, and sector provides job seekers a
comprehensive list of the breadth of opportunities available within the real estate field and the skillsets and experience required. It also provides employers an organized model within which they can list their opportunities so that they attract those with the skillsets they are looking to hire.


All jobs, regardless of what a company titles a job, can be divided into 19 real estate business “Fields” – these 19 classifications communicate the core business focus of the job in the company, such as: Construction, Property Management or Accounting & Control.


Job Functions reflect the fundamental activity, job duties and daily tasks that make up a substantial portion of the employment position. The 43 “Job Functions” usually include, but are not limited to, the work in the primary “Field”. For example, the “Field” Accounting and Control could include the Job Function “Tax.”


The 8 subdivisions of properties in the Real Estate industry, including: Office, Residential, Hospitality.

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