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Bridging Politics

The world’s longest sea crossing, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge, was officially opened by Chinese President Xi Jinping this past Tuesday. At a cost of $20 billion, the bridge spans 34 miles connecting Hong Kong to Macau and mainland China. I get it, in America nothing is going to happen until after the mid-terms. What I don’t get is what happened to the one initiative both sides of the aisle agree on: America’s Infrastructure. Full disclosure, I am biased on this priority beyond the real estate jobs infrastructure spending will create. I crossed the bridge, on my way to the Minneapolis, MN airport, an hour before it collapsed killing 13 people and injuring 145. Last year’s report by New York ‘s State Comptroller found 76% of bridges in NYC, one of the richest cities in America, do not meet current design standards. The Department of Transportation estimates it will cost $20.4 billion to fix New York City’s bridges, exactly the amount China just spent.

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